How it Works

    MARKUS XSPED is cloud-based Freight Forwarding and Logistics software. The system is licensed on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) bases.
    • No upfront license costs. The application is available for a modest, flat monthly fee that does not depend on the number of users. You can deploy the system to 1 or 1000 computers in your organization – the monthly expense will remain the same.
    • Simple and transparent pricing. No hidden charges.
    • 30 days free trial.
    • No need to invest into server hardware, expensive server operating system licenses or complex IT infrastructure – all the data is stored securely in Microsoft Azure cloud datacenters. You can work from any place where internet connection is available.

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    Installation of MARKUS XSPED is a breeze. You just have to click on a button on support page and enter access code that MARKUS Software has issued to you. The application downloads and installs in minutes.

    Once installed, the system will keep itself up to date completely automatically – it checks for new versions every time it starts, and also while you are working. When a version update is detected, it is downloaded in the background and deployed automatically.

    This allows you to concentrate on improving your business by using the system, instead of devoting endless working hours to maintenance.

    MARKUS XSPED is a client-server application. Only the client software (user interface) is installed to your computers. All server components of the system - including software services and the database which stores the information - are deployed to Microsoft Azure cloud datacenters. You can access your data from any location in the world, where internet connection is available.

    There is no need to worry about making backups or performing other complex server maintenance tasks – all this is part of your monthly payment. Microsoft ensures up to 99.9% availability.

    System maintenance tasks are fully taken care of by Microsoft Azure cloud environment and MARKUS Software. The databases are distributed between many physical servers, which ensure fault tolerance against hardware malfunctions.

    Communications between the client application and servers is encrypted. Each company’s data is stored in a separate database with its own security settings. This eliminates the possibility of data leak to other XSPED users.