State-of-the-art User Interface

XSPED user interface follows familiar Microsoft Office trends and is based on ribbon menus.

Users can apply many different predefined skins and customize the look of the application.

All data grids can be sorted, grouped and filtered. Users can re-arrange columns to suit their needs. The system will retain these settings when it is started next time.

Single search box instantly locates relevant objects.

Profit Estimation and Tracking

Project is a set of shipments, transporting of which, must result with profit. System workflow is organized around maximizing project profit. For every project you can define expected revenue and costs, which will result with profit estimation.

Expected revenue can be converted to actual invoices with few mouse clicks, which makes invoicing the customer very fast and easy.

Project profit is known with absolute precision as it is calculated based on actual invoices and vendor invoices (actual costs). The system includes reports that allow you to measure the difference between estimated and actual revenue and profit.

Invoicing and Expense Management

Invoices can be issued and costs recorded in unlimited number of different currencies. Invoices and other documents can be emailed with a single mouse click straight from the application.

Generated invoices are automatically connected with related projects. Vendor invoices (costs from partner companies) are mapped into corresponding projects automatically based on related shipping orders. Automatic cost division can always be overruled, if needed.

Comprehensive Reporting

Reports are end-user customizable and include drill-down/grouping/filtering options - this allows you to modify the reports with few mouse clicks and examine results from different angles.

All reports can be exported to MS Excel for further analyses, or saved as PDF files. Reports can also be converted into several other popular data exchange formats, such as XML.

CMR, Bill of Lading, AWB Generation

Transport documentation can be generated with few mouse clicks and either printed our e-mailed straight from XSPED in PDF format.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

XSPED logistics software allows you to build up database of customers, partner companies, and persons. Company and person objects can be instantly searched using universal search box. Company and person lists can be grouped and filtered based on many different properties.

You can record company and person related activities into journal and define custom journal entry categories to organize these records according to your needs. Journal entries can also be associated with Projects, Shipping Orders, Invoices and other major objects. Several important and critical events are recorded to the journal automatically.

Document Management

Have you ever needed to quickly locate a CMR from a closed project? Have you lost a file to deep directory tree on a server network share?

XSPED allows you to save any file or scanned document to the database and associate it with related objects. Adding a document to document register is simple matter of dragging it with mouse from disk or e-mail and dropping on related object.

For instance, you can drag a scanned CMR to Shipment object in XSPED – the document will be stored to your database and will be automatically related to the shipment, shipment’s customer company, project and other objects. When you will open shipment details window, all associated documents will be instantly accessible.

Electronic Data Exchange via XSPED.NET

XSPED.NET service allows you to exchange data with other XSPED users completely electronically. Electronic data exchange reduces time spent on tedious data entry tasks. For instance, when you have formed a Shipping Order in your XSPED, you can just click on Send via XSPED.NET button and your order will land in receiver’s XSPED database. The receiver can then import your order with few mouse clicks - re-typing all the information is not required.

The same way, your partners can send their invoice to you. You do not have to re-type the content of those invoices - you just import the XSPED.NET message and all the costs will appear in correct places in related projects!

Integration with Accounting Systems

XSPED logistics software keeps track of both the invoices that you issue to your customers and invoices that you receive from your partners. Entering these invoices second time to accounting system is not necessary – XSPED has built-in support for Hansa Financials family of accounting software. The system has also been interfaced with Axapta and Navision products.

We can custom build additional interfaces to your accounting software, so that the need for duplicate data entry can be eliminated.

The system also includes an open XML-based accounting data exchange interface that third parties can use for accounting system integration.

Printout Layout Editor

All XSPED printouts can be modified and designed by end users using built-in layout editor. Printouts can be issued in unlimited number of different languages. You have complete freedom over the design of any of your documents.

Creating new layouts is easy – you start by making a copy of system default printout layout or any existing layout and re-arrange the elements visually.